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Take the 'Tradition' Out of Corporate Parties!

Corporate parties have long been synonymous with stuffy gatherings, awkward small talk with colleagues, and predictable activities. But it doesn't have to be this way.

In today's dynamic work environment, the traditional corporate party can be reimagined to create more engaging, memorable and inclusive experiences - and what better place to do that then The Octagon Barn, or other less corporate settings!

Today we're coming up with a few ways you can run a less 'traditional' corporate party or event that resonates with your team, and in turn will make them feel more valued!

1. Choose an Unconventional Venue

Forget hotel ballrooms, golf clubs and conference centres! Opt for a venue that breaks the mould.. (insert shameless self-promo here!)

A barn in a countryside setting

We all knew this was coming! The Octagon Barn offers a fantastic host of options for your corporate party in a beautiful space that forces you to leave that 'corporate feel' outside the door. The countryside feel encapsulates a more relaxed atmosphere for your colleagues, whilst still being within a short distance to Norwich City.

Often barn venues such as ours will also have amazing gardens and settings surrounding them, allowing for lawn games & garden parties. A breath of fresh air and open spaces can invigorate attendees and encourage relaxation!

Activity-Based Venues

Escape rooms, bowing alleys, or even cooking schools can provide amazing entertainment for corporate parties. It gives opportunity for team-building and generates the perfect setting for colleagues to bond, creating that lasting work relationship that drives creativity and productivity!

2. Create Interactive Experiences

Passive participation is a thing of the past! Modern corporate engagements thrive on interaction and engagement. Here's a few ideas on how you can do this.

Workshops and Classes

Host a mixology class, a pottery workshop or a dance lesson! Learning a new skill together can both be fun and a great bonding experience. If you're thinking more of a Christmas work party idea, you could do a wreathmaking workshop! There are many different classes & workshop suppliers who will travel to your venue of choice and offer a fun & interactive activity before you party the night away.

Interactive Stations

Set up different stations at your venue of choice with activities like VR gaming, photo booths and DIY crafts!

Local Norfolk supplier Dick Ropa Entertainment offers the hire of various fun activity equipment such as: 9-hole Crazy Golf, Racing Simulators, Retro Arcade Machines, and much more! We thoroughly recommend you take a look at their website ahead of your next corporate party.

Fun Casinos have also been gathering more popularity at events recently, so why not take a look at 4 Ace's Fun Casino for your next party! Hand out your 'fun' money and see who takes home the jackpot.

Live Entertainment

Save the DJ and the band for the evening party - there are so many other live entertainment options at your disposal for your next get together!

Hire a comedian to make everybody chuckle (and tip him off about some of the people in the crowd for an even funnier, more personalised comedy show!), or you could even hire a magician to keep the energy high and wow your guests.

3. Incorporate CSR Elements

Combine fun with a purpose by incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility into your next gathering.

Charity Drives

Organise an auction, donation drive or raffle in aid of a local charity for your next event. There's no pressure to raise tens of thousands of pounds, as it won't likely be a dedicated charity ball or event, but it's important to help out where you can. And what better way to celebrate your work successes then to give back to the community?

Eco-Friendly Practices

Work with suppliers who are eco-conscious for your next event. There are many local event suppliers and decorators that encourage the reuse and recycling of the materials that they use. And there are even caterers who are using almost solely compostable packaging and cutlery! It's always worth evaluating your impact on the environment, no matter how small or big the gathering is.

Corporate Parties at The Octagon Barn

Get in touch with the team today to find more information on our bespoke Corporate packages! Whether it's a corporate evening party, a during the day festival, or a team building day - we can help.


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