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Unlocking the Magic of Elopements and Intimate Ceremonies at The Octagon Barn

Are you dreaming of a wedding that is intimate, romantic, and uniquely yours? Look no further than Rose Garden at The Octagon Barn, where the enchanting ambiance sets the stage for elopements and intimate ceremonies that are nothing short of magical.

Intimate Ceremonies & Elopements

Elopements and intimate ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular as couples seek more personal ways to tie the knot.

A couple dancing after their wedding

Unlike traditional weddings, which can involve hundreds of guests, elaborate decorations and a hefty price tag, elopements and intimate ceremonies focus on simplicity, intimacy and authenticity.

An elopement typically involves just the couple and sometimes a handful of close witnesses. It's about celebrating love in its purest form. The appeal lies in the spontaneity and the deep connection shared in a private setting.

Intimate ceremonies, on the other hand, are small gatherings that include the couple's nearest & dearest. With a guest list often under 20 people, these ceremonies blend the personal touch of an elopement with the warmth of a small celebration.

Rose Garden: A Hidden Gem for Intimate Celebrations

Tucked away in a private spot at the venue, The Octagon Barn offers couples a hidden gem for celebrating their love in a meaningful and intimate way: Rose Garden.

A couple having an elopement

Whether you're planning a small gathering of loved ones or a romantic ceremony for just the two of you, our Rose Garden sets the stage for an intimate celebration that celebrates love in its purest form. Rose Garden is a new ceremony spot at the venue which boasts a beautiful pergola

surrounded by roses & foliage to create the perfect backdrop for your elopement. The privacy of this spot is great for couples who aren't looking to have that huge, extravagant wedding, but would still like to add a little class & luxury to their ceremony.

For couples looking to exchange their vows in a private and meaningful ceremony, eloping at the Rose Garden is the ultimate romantic gesture. The serene setting surrounded by lush greenery is perfectly captured in these photos by Eloise Pitcher Photography from our styled shoot at Rose Garden. The gazebo is complimented by drapes from Sam Race Venue Decoration, alongside the beautiful flora from The Flower Hut. And the glass cylinder candle holders by PROPosal Wedding Hire are the perfect touch to bring all the delicate details of an intimate ceremony together.

Rose Garden Shoot - Full Supplier List


The Octagon Barn - Rose Garden


Eloise Pitcher Photography


The Flower Hut

Glass Cylinder Candle Holders

PROPosal Wedding Hire


Sam Race Venue Decoration

Dress & Veil

Pure Brides


Pure Suit Hire


Styled by Sophie

Make Up

Kirstie Barton


Fairfax & Favor

Social Content Creator

Social Scenes


Emma & Kostas

Your Love, Your Moment

In a world where weddings are often grand affairs, Rose Garden stands out as a hidden gem for couples seeking intimate and heartfelt celebrations. With its picturesque setting, and romantic ambiance, it offers the perfect backdrop for elopements and intimate ceremonies.

If you're looking to create memories that truly reflect your love story, consider booking a viewing with the events team at The Octagon Barn.


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