The Octagon Barn

The Octagon Barn is unique and the only building of its type, unchanged from its original design. Built around the late 1600’s to the early 1700’s (lack of builder’s records don’t help dating exactly!) as a non-conformist Methodist meeting chapel the original 8 side shape sits under a magnificent open vaulted octagon roof, to give a grand central atrium.

From meeting Chapel to farmer’s barn, over centuries the Octagon saw many different farming uses. Grain store, stables for the farms heavy horses, cattle sheds and general store – and as my great grandmother records in her diaries of 1853 – harvest parties! 183 farm men and their families, sitting down to Hogs heads of Ale (56 gallons in a barrel!), giant steak and kidney pies, singing and dancing.

Katie and Joe have been restoring the Octagon barn since 2008. Repairing roofs, floors, walls and doors. Adding heating and loo’s., electricity and lighting.

The Octagon now provides a great open space to hold any type of event you might be planning.

Majestic barn set in a pretty woodland park


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